tandem paragliding

Gift certificate for the flight

The certificate for the flight on a tandem paraglider
Gift certificate for a tandem flight on a paraglider – the best find a birthday, a gift to friends or relatives!

In contrast to the conventional order the certificate gives the right to fly and is valid throughout the whole year! You have a year to gather your thoughts!

“What to gift?” – Frequent question you ask yourself repeatedly. I want something bright, valuable, memorable.

Present – FLIGHT! This ….. The sea of emotions, happy smile, a sincere “Thank you”!
This festive atmosphere only helps our tandem masters to give joy to the first flight, embodying the dream to fly.

How to choose a certificate? We have many types of flights!
If you have to fly for the first time – take a “Standard flight.” It is so named because of sufficient duration for the first time.

If you are not confident in their abilities, you always seasick, take the “Econom flight” or “short flight”. In this case, a short time in the air to leave you only good memories and will not damage health.

If this is not the first flight, or even third – we recommend long flights more than 30 minutes in the air.

You know about the elements of air, almost all, have tried skydiving, rope jumping etc. – You one way: Acro flight with Some of the elements of aerobatics.

If you know that paragliding can be a part of your life – choose a certificate for training.

Gift cost will depend on the number of flights, the method of delivery and payment.

Payment Options and Delivery:

1. After payment you will receive (by email) certificate code, which you can print, save or give away on your mobile device.
It is the best for the price and time-saving option.

2. Obtain a certificate delivered by courier.

3. Come, buy on the spot and fly.

As it happens, how to prepare for flight and pre-flight briefing, see Flying Instructor

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