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Location: Caucasus, Georgia, Europe
Lat/Lon: 42.67587°N / 44.51368°E
Object Title: Mount Kazbek
Activities: Mountaineering
Elevation: 16512 ft / 5033 m


Mount Kazbek is considered one of the most beautiful and high Caucasus mountains. Kazbegi – an extinct volcano. It is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus.
Climbing the Mount Kazbegi schitet medium difficulty. Basically it is a measured foot climb, and only at the top of a small rise on the ice about 100 meters (below 40 degrees).
It is because of its availability and ease of climbing the mountain using huge popularity.
On the mountain, there are many legends and dowry.
At an altitude of 3800 meters there is an ancient monastery Betlemi (Bethlehem).
Just below is the Holy Trinity Church – Sameba. It was built in the XIV century on a hill just above the village of Kazbegi.
Mikhail Lermontov mentions this peak in his “hero of our time” and in his famous poem Mtsyri.

“Where merge Aragva and her twin,
Kura and fast rush onward, in
Times past, a lonely cloister stood;
By fields, a dense and o’ergrown wood
Encircled ’twas…. A wayfarer,
Toiling uphill, will see what were
A gate and gateposts once and, too,
A church…. To-day, no incense to
Its round dome coils, nor do a prayer
The humble monks chant, hoarse-voiced, there.
Alone, forgot by death and men,
A bent old greybeard, denizen
Of these remote and desolate hills,
Over the ruins watches still
And daily wipes the dust that clings
To tombs, of which the letterings
Of glories past speak and of things
Of like note. Of a tsar one such
Tells who by his gold crown was much
Weighed down, and did of Russia gain
The patronage o’er his domain.
Twas then God’s love descended on
The land, and Georgia bloomed, and gone
Her old fears were and old suspense:
Of friendly bayonets a fence
Did, bristling, rise in her defence.”

Author: Peter Schoen

6th highest in the Caucasus (and Europe) – after
Elbrus (5633 m)
Dykh-Tau (5204 m)
Koshtan (5151 m)
Shkhara (5068 m)
Djangi-Tau (5058 m)

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