Paragliding in Georgia


A gift certificate for a tandem paragliding flight is the best find for a birthday, a gift to relatives or friends!


Unlike the usual order, the certificate gives the right to fly and is valid throughout the year! You have a whole year to collect your thoughts!

“What to gift?” – a frequent question you ask yourself repeatedly. I want something bright, valuable, memorable.

Present – FLIGHT! This is … .. Sea of emotions, joyful smiles, sincere “Thank you”!
Such a festive atmosphere only helps our tandem masters to give the joy of the first flights, embodying the Dream of Fly.

How to buy?

Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase!

We accept online payments:



Sightseeing flight

Adventure cost: 
549 GEL

Flight time: 20 – 35 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 50 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


Canyon, flight

Adventure cost: 
449 GEL

Flight time: up to 7 – 15 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 60 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


Cross-country flight

Adventure cost: 
699 GEL

Flight time: 35 – 50 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 99 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.



Adventure cost:
599 GEL

Flight time: 15 – 25 minutes; The duration of the entire trip is from 50 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.

Paragliding_in_Gudauri_Georgia_SkyAtlantida (15)

Short flight

Adventure cost:
419 GEL

Flight time: up to 10 – 20 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 40 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


gudauri_paragliding_skyatlantida_company 1

Short flight

Adventure cost: 
419 GEL

Flight time: 5-10 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 45 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.

tandem_paragliding_gudauri_georgia_with_skyatlantida (5)

Sightseeing flight

Adventure cost: 
449 GEL

Flight time: 10 – 15 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 70 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


Flight VIP Canyon

Adventure cost: 
629 GEL

Flight time: 15-25 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 99 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.



Adventure cost: 
469 GEL

Flight time: 7-10 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 55 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


— If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you will need to pay extra +50 GEL
— If your weight exceeds 100 + kg, you will need to pay +100 GEL
— 120 kg – maximum passenger weight

Paragliding is available:

* For children and teenagers from 5 – 16 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)

* Elderly people from 60 to 75 must have a written permission from the clinic about the absence of cardiovascular diseases

* Disabled people of 2-3 groups, as well as people with disabilities

* The altitude, direction, and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions




For your safety, don’t rely on luck when you’re choosing a pilot!

Do not trust people on the street offering you paragliding! Read reviews on the Internet, make your own choice!

Paragliding in Georgia has become a place of income and fraud for intermediary and inexperienced pilots. Intermediaries wear colorful paraglider T-shirts to attract attention and may promise you a lower price or more flight time (official companies have fixed prices and flight times). Sometimes the intermediary can be your taxi driver, a tour guide or an employee of the hotel where you are staying.

The danger is that the intermediary, in order to earn money, uses the service of “pilots” who do not have enough paragliding experience and licenses confirming their qualifications. Such “pilots” charge a minimal fee for providing their services, and practice on you without any liability. As a result, you will be disappointed with low-quality service, often accompanied by bad landings, poor video quality, and sometimes no video at all…

Paragliding in Georgia should be the highlight of your trip, so it’s best to check any recommendations from your guide with reviews of the company on independent platforms.

NOTE !!!
Intermediaries sometimes claim that they are employees of the company SkyAtlantida. The surest way to check the veracity of this statement is to call our general manager at +995551355000

Before flying, you have the right to check the instructor’s pilot’s license


Ahmad JurriAhmad Jurri
08:33 27 Mar 22
It is one of the most beautiful thing I ever done in my whole lifeThe pilot “Demetri” is one of the best pilot everVery funny and make the journey so excitedI’ll do it again with him and I recommend it for everyone if you ever would like to do this in Gadaouri just do it with DemetriThank sooooooooo much 🌹💜
aziz superaziz super
11:34 27 Sep 21
It’s wonderful experience with brave heart peoples hope fully next time i will come and do it againThanks a lot all Paragliding familyRegard’sArif
daniel shterndaniel shtern
04:22 21 Sep 21
The team very professional. Great experience . I will safe with the guide. All I need it only to enjoy the view
Renju JoseRenju Jose
07:40 18 Sep 21
It was such a nice experience which I couldn’t even express in words, you should experience it, Paragliding is one of the most beautiful things you should experience in such a beautiful country like Georgia and I can’t thank enough to Dmitri to make the experience such an unforgettable one, Dmitri , 15plus years experienced veteran, was so friendly and I never felt any felt any fear and he kept my adrenaline pump heavily with his tricks in the air 😊, I will definitely visit again and I recommend all of you to experience this beautiful sport with Dmitri and team 😊😊😊
15:53 07 Sep 21
Amazing! Have done this for the first time and felt well and comfortable with instructor Dima. Professional and safe. Highly recommended. Thank you and see you guys again!
Это просто невероятные ощущения и восторг. Спасибо Анатолию, это был мой первый полет и лучшего инструктора не найти 🙂
masrur kholmatovmasrur kholmatov
16:47 10 Oct 21
Первый раз летал на параплане, было очень, очень круто. Профессиональная команда, обязательно вернусь ещё раз полетать к вам :).
Отмечала день рождение в Грузии, и одним из подарков был полет 😻Могу сказать, что это нужно попробовать каждому, непередоваемые эмоции, сумасшедшая красота вокругОтдельное спасибо Анатолию, он сразу вселяет в тебя спокойствие и уверенность 🥰А если вы не боитесь экстрима соглашаетесь на " покрутиться" ни один аттракцион не заменит эти ощущения 😻 грузия страна непередоваемых красот , обязательно посмотрите её с высоты 100 метровСпасибо за то что вы делаете ) это было wow🇬🇪💙
Узнали о вас от друзей которые были в Грузии двумя месяцами ранее. Когда увидели и услышали как круто им было, не задумываясь решили что по-любому хотим полетать когда сами поедем в горы.Впечатления, конечно, потрясающие. Виды вокруг просто завораживают...Ловишь такие эмоции, от которых улыбка не сходит с лица. А мастерство пилотов, это вообще отдельная история. Летать комфортно, интересно узнать 'как это работает', да и просто пообщаться на разные темы. На фоне остальных ребят которые летают, однозначно можно выделить проффесионализм так как и взлет и посадка и, самое главное,(!) Высота, самая захватывающая что позволяет видеть орлов, горы Кавказа и, конечно же, сам Казбег...Тем кто сомневается - однозначно летать. Это определенно того стоит!
Потрясающие виды, прикольный водитель, весёлый и опытный пилот, это было лучшее место и команда, чтобы попробовать параглайдинг!Спасибо большое 🤗🥳