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Summer types of flights


Sightseeing flight

Adventure cost: 
598gel  349 GEL

Flight time: 20 – 35 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video included in the price.


Canyon, flight

Adventure cost: 
598gel  299 GEL

Flight time: up to 7 – 20 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video included in the price.


Cross-country flight

Adventure cost: 
1298gel  649 GEL

Flight time: 35 – 50 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 120 minutes.
Flight video included in the price.



Adventure cost:
900gel  450 GEL

Flight time: 8 – 15 minutes; The duration of the entire trip is from 40 minutes.
Flight video included in the price.


Short flight

Adventure cost:
498gel  299 GEL

Flight time: up to 10 – 20 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video included in the price.

Winter types of flights


Short flight

Adventure cost: 
299 GEL

Flight time: 10-20 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


Sightseeing flight

Adventure cost: 
349 GEL

Flight time: 20 – 35 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


Flight VIP Canyon

Adventure cost: 
499 GEL

Flight time: 8-15 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.

paragliding in gudaurigeorgia with SkyAtlantida Team


Adventure cost: 
399 GEL

Flight time: 35-50 minutes; The duration of the entire journey is 90 minutes.
Flight video is included in the price.


– If your weight exceeds 80kg, you will need to pay extra +50 GEL
– If your weight exceeds 100 + kg, you will need to pay +100 GEL
– 120 kg – maximum passenger weight

* Available from 5 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)
* The duration of the entire trip is no more than one hour
* The altitude, direction and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions.

How do I book a flight?


indicate your preferred flight date AND CHOOSE A CONVENIENT MESSENGER. our manager will contact you as soon as he sees the message.

For a quick connection, press the WhatsApp button!


You will be provided with: warm clothing, gloves and a flight helmet.

Our pilots and managers speak Russian and English.

During the flight, video-photo shooting is provided on professional equipment of HD quality – 4K +.

Transfer to hotels in Gudauri – free of charge (transfer to steel places – negotiable prices)!

Safe launch sites only. Flights are conducted in the area of the Gudauri ski resort, the Jvari cross pass and in the vicinity of the village of Stepantsminda (Kazbegi).

You can find a video of your flight on our YouTube channel. Your video upload time is up to 3 days.

What do you need to know?


To make a flight, you should choose the type of flight you are interested in and, having decided on the date, book the flight.


You will be given a ticket. Your departure time will be indicated in the reply message in accordance with the weather conditions.


We fly only in summer weather, which means you should not postpone your flight until the last day of your stay at the resort.

Gift certificates

A gift certificate for a tandem paragliding flight is the best find for a birthday, a gift to relatives or friends!

Unlike the usual order, the certificate gives the right to fly and is valid throughout the year! You have a whole year to collect your thoughts!

“What to gift?” – a frequent question you ask yourself repeatedly. I want something bright, valuable, memorable.

Present – FLIGHT! This is … .. Sea of ​​emotions, joyful smiles, sincere “Thank you”!
Such a festive atmosphere only helps our tandem masters to give the joy of the first flights, embodying the Dream of Fly.

Let's introduce ourselves!



Founder of SkyAtlantida Company Head of flights at SkyAtlantida launch sites.



The head of the SkyAtlantida company. Has two higher educations, a professional guide, a linguist, and a physician.



Head of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Paragliding Expert – Flight Director – Instructor



Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Tandem pilot – Instructor



Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Senior Manager of SkyAtlantida.



Where to paraglide in Georgia

5 places for paragliding in Georgia
Endlessly hospitable, sunny Georgia is always available for visitors from all over the world. It is an incredibly picturesque country, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, as well as parks and nature reserves, castles and ancient fortresses.

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Paragliding safety

Paragliding safety
People always dreamed of having wings and flying up into the sky. The team SkyAtlantida has been arranging paragliding flights during 9 years and has helped many people to implement their dream – to enjoy the feeling of a free flight, the opportunity to float beneath the clouds, as if you had wings.

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The feeling of flight, freedom and the infinite beauty of nature. Paragliding flights are breathtaking and will be remembered for many years. It is a special pleasure to look at the nature of Georgia, but to look at it from a bird’s-eye view is a real pleasure.
Views that will be remembered for a lifetime
The price of a paragliding flight starts from 299 GEL. This price includes a flight from 10 to 50 minutes, all necessary clothing, special shoes and gloves. Flight equipment and transfer from the tourist area. The price includes a high-quality video that you will show for many years to come, meeting long evenings, with friends or family.
The cost of a paragliding flight depends on the duration and route:
• Jvari Cross Pass
* Aragvi River Canyon;
* Gudauri Resort;
* The mountains of Bidar, Kudebi, Crdili and Deda En;
• Mepiskalo Mountain range;
* The Hado Gorge with its waterfalls and the Hadistshali River.
Additionally, you can order the performance of aerobatics. You will not only enjoy the beauty of Georgia, but also get a boost of energy and cheerfulness that will stay with you for many years! .
Pay only 50 GEL extra, and you will get photos that you can put in a family album and post on social networks.
Comfortable and safe fulfillment of a dream
Paragliding is a safe flight. We take care of our customers and check the equipment every day. The health of our pilots can be envied, they undergo a medical examination every day. They also don’t drink or smoke.
Every day we conduct flights for tourists along the routes of the unique nature of the Caucasus. Every day we receive thanks for the emotions presented. You can order a paragliding flight right now on our website. If you are planning to be in Georgia, do not deny yourself an exciting journey in the air. Do not be afraid of a safe paragliding flight will make the trip unusual and unforgettable. A certain extreme highlight in the tourist leisure.
For comfort, we use only certified equipment that is designed specifically for two-person flights. A sightseeing paragliding flight with an instructor does not require special training.
Safety rules
In order for the flight to be easy and leave only positive memories, we recommend following certain rules:
• We fly only in flight weather — do not postpone the departure until the last moment. For all those who value time and plan every minute of their vacation, we recommend booking a paragliding flight with an instructor in advance.
* The weather can make its own adjustments, which means that the route can be changed, the landing place can be moved. We may have to wait until the wind subsides, which means that the flight time can also be changed. The nuances are discussed in advance.
* Follow the introductory instructions. Please note that paragliding is not a trip to a restaurant. This is extreme, and at this moment you will be accompanied by professionals, experienced pilots who will give instructions, support psychologically and tell a lot of interesting and funny stories. If you follow the instructions, then you should not worry about anything.
* Flights are operated all year round: winter, summer, spring or autumn. In each season, the nature of the Caucasus has its own special charm.
* Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with psychological disorders and in the postoperative period are not allowed to fly.
Take a delicious snack with you and arrange a picnic in the fresh air after the flight!
Not a boring gift
Paragliding with an instructor is not only a way to get acquainted with the terrain on a trip. This is a great idea for an original gift. We have gift certificates available that you can give to a friend or a loved one.
Arrange a romantic extreme date in the clouds. The beauty of the places where paragliding flights take place and the adrenaline will make your proposal or the first declaration of love unforgettable. Believe us, She will definitely say “yes”!
Spend time in a fun company of friends. Meeting with friends in the clouds, over mountain slopes and a noisy river, is much more interesting than sitting in a restaurant. And after a paragliding flight, the food will taste better and the laughter will be louder. Within three days, you will see a video of your fun flight on our YouTube channel.
Look at photos and videos from the flights of our guests, and you will have no doubt that paragliding is a bright emotion and unforgettable memories!