At what altitude do you fly a paraglider

Flying a paraglider is an amazing adventure, an extraordinary hobby and at the same time the easiest and most available way to reach the sky. Almost anyone can soar through the sky like a bird. It does not take long preparations or expensive equipment to make your first flight. The SkyAtlantida team takes care of everything: we provide you with the necessary equipment and experienced pilots will make your paragliding experience a real pleasure. After a short instruction you’ll reach maximum altitude and soar easily over the mighty rocks of sunny Georgia. You have only to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery from above. How high up can we fly? At what altitude do paragliders fly? How does altitude affect flight? Read the answers to these questions below.

Average and maximum flight altitude

We are often asked: how high can a paraglider fly? Although a paraglider is not equipped with a motor, there are virtually no altitude restrictions. All that limits the flight altitude is weather, physical form, pilot’s experience and the peculiarities of the aviation law of the flight regions. This fact is proved by information about world records established by professional athletes – paragliders. So the record altitude to which a paraglider was able to reach was 8407 meters. The record was set by Antoine Girard on 21 July 2021, when he flew over the eight thousand meters high Brood Peak in Karakorum.

Flying in the mountains depends on the altitude of the mountains and compared to flying over the plain is generally more spectacular and takes place at higher altitudes. Some of the highest altitude paragliding sites in the Caucasus are located at Gudauri resort, the Cross Pass and Kazbegi. The altitudes range from 2000 m to 3100 m above sea level. The SkyAtlantida team offers different types of flights depending on your preferences, weather conditions and time of year: from short 10-15 minute flights to longer flights of up to 50 minutes. Do you want more emotions and adrenaline? Book a flight with aerobatics elements: wingovers, tight spirals, full flips, helicopters with G forces up to 4G.   

How altitude affects the flight

In order to soar above the ground, the pilot should be able to work with thermodynamic upward air currents to raise the glider to a certain altitude. The higher the altitude, the longer the glider can float above the ground, covering a greater distance and enjoying the flight longer. In mountainous areas ascending air currents are more stable and predictable and allow migratory birds as well as paragliders to travel through the air taking advantage of this extraordinary wonder of nature. This is why the most vivid, beautiful and longest paragliding flights take place in the mountains. When you reach the sky, the territory of birds, you can feel the incomparable emotions of the majestic mountains, rivers, canyons and lakes of Georgia. One of the main factors that significantly influences the flight characteristics of the paraglider is air density. When flying at higher altitudes the aerodynamic characteristics of the wing change. So flying in the mountains is different from flying on the plains. Paragliders fly in the lower atmosphere or troposphere. As you gain altitude in the troposphere, air pressure, temperature and density decrease. The lower the air density, the lower the resistance and therefore the greater the speed the paraglider can fly and the greater the distance it can cover above the ground.

Tandem paragliding is a real adventure, an unforgettable experience for those who are passionate about the skies and lovers of the incredible beauty of nature. Paragliding is an opportunity to feel integrated with nature without the noise of the engine and the glass of the porthole. So what are you waiting for? Book your paraglider flight now! Give yourself or your loved ones a fantastic adventure in the Georgian skies with the professional pilots of SkyAtlantida.

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