Aerobatics paragliding in Georgia sky

Aerobatics in paragliding is performance of different tricks and complicated maneuvers during the paragliding flight. Paragliding aerobatics is an indicator of high professionalism of pilots, especially in tandem paragliding. Tandem paragliding aerobatics will give a passenger gravity feel, G forces up to 4G, and the flight will become more unforgettable and fascinating.

What aerobatics elements are?

Wingover is a term deriving from English words “wing over”. This is a series of dynamic turns in different directions. The wingover technique includes changing differently directed turns by using the pendulum energy of the previous turn in each successive one. It is a basic acrobatic element for all who want to participate in ACRO competitions.

Asymmetric spiral is a kind of wing over, only the turns are performed in one direction only.

Helicopter is when a pilot performs controlling smooth rotation of the paraglider wing around a vertical axis. During performance of this trick a canopy is completely opened, a pilot and a passenger are located under the paraglider, and a canopy is stably rotating like helicopter blades.

Deep spiral is another aerobatic element in which the pilot intensively turns the glider downwards at the leading edge and flies towards the ground while spinning rapidly.

Negative spiral, shortly CAT, is a very interesting element, what happens is that one console (left or right part of the glider) is flown off and spins backwards, i.e. negatively, while the other part flies forward. What happens to the pilot and the passenger? A quantity of endorphins is increasing that positively affects our mood! In comparison with the deep spiral, the spin axis shifts between a wing and a pilot, increasing the spin speed and decreasing overload. We spin like a maple leaf, as if on a swing.

The aerodynamic stall, a beautiful element using which you can feel free-fall for a moment.

Aerobatics competition

Aerobatics ACRO competition is performed among experienced paraglider pilots. Usually they are held over water storage reservoirs and very popular thanks to the beauty and the sight. Sportsmen compete both in solo and pair flights. All acrobatic elements in pair competitions are performed simultaneously. First aerobatic paragliding competition RED BULL-VERTIGO were held in 1998 till 2006, they were organized by Global Aerial Sport Association. A little earlier, an unofficial world championship was held over the Geneva Lake in Switzerland. Nowadays regular aerobatics competitions are held in Austria, Italia, Norway, Turkey, France, Argentina and other countries.

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