Gudauri - flight of dreams

5 reasons to go paragliding in tandem with a SkyAtlantida instructor:

Paragliding. Sky. Mountains … Reach the clouds with your hand, and feel the inspiring feeling of freedom. Soar above the ground like a bird, outrun the wind and feel the breath of nature. All these are unique paragliding flights with “SkyAtlantida”. The sky will become closer, and the cherished dream to rise up and see the whole world at a glance will become a reality!

High-level specialists of “SkyAtlantida” conduct extreme flights in Gudauri, Georgia. It is a cozy and picturesque tourism center located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. An unforgettable adventure to the clouds is possible at any time of the year. Now is the season of winter excursions. This means that there are incredibly beautiful landscapes everywhere, like from Christmas cards. You seem to be in a fairy tale!

Several types of flights are available today. For example, one of them lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. For so long you will soar in the sky. Height from 2200 meters above sea level. Even children from 5 years old will be able to fly.

The tour price includes: – HD quality video; – free transfer around Gudauri; – warm clothing, safety footwear, gloves and flight equipment.

For an additional fee, you can order: – photos + 35 GEL; – 4K UHD video + 35 GEL; – aerobatics +50 GEL.

Or the Vip Canyon flight. You will take an extreme trip over the canyon of the Aragvi River, near the waterfall overlooking the monastery of George Lomissky. The start altitude is 3006 meters, you can spend 15 to 25 minutes in the air. Landing, depending on weather conditions, at the Gudauri resort (2000m) or in the canyon of the Aragvi River (1750m).

The tour price includes: – HD quality video; – free transfer around Gudauri; – Warm clothing, safety footwear, gloves and flight equipment.

You can order for an additional fee: – photos + 35 GEL; – 4K UHD video + 35 GEL; – aerobatics +50 GEL.

And if you are a big fan of extreme sports, the specialists of “SkyAtlantida” will offer you the “Aerobatics” flight program, where the pilot performs aerobatics. Among them are “complete revolution”, “tight spiral”, “wingover” and others. An unforgettable experience!

All flights are in tandem with an experienced SkyAtlantida instructor. Our pilots have the highest qualifications, international licenses, and extensive experience in the field of aviation and paragliding. This means that you do not have to worry – your safety is in the reliable hands of professionals! Thanks to the experience of our specialists, the dream flight is available to passengers with disabilities, children over 5 years old, elderly people up to 65 years old, as well as passengers weighing up to 120 kilograms.

Despite the fact that the journey to the clouds takes place under the strict control of the instructor pilot, you are in front of him, which means you will have fantastic panoramas. It should be noted that the flights are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia. “SkyAtlantida” has been organizing official paragliding flights in Georgia for over 7 years. When buying a ticket, every flight is automatically insured.

Just imagine how you take off! The paraglider picks up speed, the wind tickles your face, a minute and here it is – the sky! Houses and people become tiny, and an incredible bird’s-eye view opens up to you. You are at one with nature.

Gudauri is a dream flight! Despite the fact that it is winter now, the climate in the area where the ski resort is located is distinguished by its softness and comfort. Sunny Georgia gives tourists warm days. According to long-term observations of meteorologists, the average air temperature in December is -2 degrees during the day. But do not forget that the air temperature in the sky is usually lower, so the staff of “SkyAtlantida” will provide you with warm clothes. “We fly – you rest!” – this is the motto of the “SkyAtlantida” company.

If you do not know what to give for the upcoming holidays, then paragliding is a great option! Present a dream paragliding flight to your family or friends! To do this, you can purchase a gift certificate for paragliding in tandem with an instructor. The certificate is valid for a year. Or book your flight online right now! Spend your New Year holidays in an extremely interesting and unforgettable way!

5 reasons to go paragliding in tandem with a SkyAtlantida instructor:

Your dream of flying will come true; You will see the incredible landscapes of hospitable Georgia from a bird’s eye view; it is safe and comfortable, every flight is insured; pilot-instructors “SkyAtlantida” have the highest qualifications, international licenses and extensive experience; there are several excursion programs for you to choose from, including those for extreme lovers.

Paragliding is freedom, adrenaline, emotions, joy! Let yourself get closer to the sky and touch the clouds!

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