Impressions about paragliding

Impressions about paragliding

“When you are standing at the age of an abyss, – jump to fly, not to fall.” 

Robert Orben

Everyday routine leads to weariness. And you need to reset yourself to feel drive, energy and to enjoy life to the full! Do you want to fly over the routine? – try tandem paragliding with an experienced instructor of the SkyAtlantida team in the mountains of Georgia. You don’t need to get prepared for that, we will take care of everything. You will remember the paragliding experience forever! Unbelievable beauty of Georgian landscape will be addition to the feeling of free flight and levity, adrenaline and admiration. The information about preparation and safety is available here. How to get to the launch pad, book your flight and have a great time is described below.

How to reach the launch pad

You need to reach the launch platform on the appointed day:

● If you are staying in Gudauri, the transfer to the launch pad (Krestovoy pereval) is free when booking any flight. 

The standard flight route is the Aragvi River Canyon. Just imagine: from a height of 600 meters you can see the Aragvi River gorge, Mount Bidara, the extinct volcanoes of the Celtic Plateau. The flight is limited only by ascending stream of warm air. In theory, if weather conditions are favorable, we can stay in the air for a whole day, covering over 500 km, which means flying over the whole of Georgia. In practice, it’s enough to perform a tandem flight with an instructor for 10 minutes to an hour. A short instruction before the flight, a few steps and there you are soaring without anyengine noise, only you, an instructor and hundreds or thousands of meters of altitude separating us from the ground and we are flying together with birds. Our tandem instructors are not only professional pilots and participants of prestigious international competitions such as Pre-Cup and World Cup events, but they are also guides and very friendly people! They will tell you about the places you are flying over, they will calm down those who are afraid and show a couple of tricks to extreme lovers! After landing in the Aragvi River Canyon, our car will pick you up and take you to your hotel.

If the weather is fine, the second option is to land where we started, share emotions with friends and family and have a small picnic.

See what a joy it is to paraglide in Georgia: A girl camefrom the Philippines to enjoy Georgia and paragliding.

If you are not in Gudauri, we can arrange a transfer from Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) or Tbilisi. The cost depends on the number of guests and the duration of the trip. A standard transfer will cost starting at$50.

If you wish it is possible to purchase a paragliding tour to Gudauri and arrange an incredible journey – combine sightseeing in Georgia with riding quad bikes and finishing with a dizzying paragliding flight in Gudauri. Take a tour with a professional English-speaking guide for just $99: on the road from Tbilisi to Stepantsminda there is the incredibly beautiful Zhinvali Reservoir, an artificial water reservoir with a bright turquoise color, at the bottom of which lies the submerged ancient city of Zhinvali.

A 20-minute drive from Ananuri reveals the confluence of two rivers – the Black and White Aragvi. 

Clean spring water, real khinkali and organic lamb kebab are waiting for you. If you wish it is possible to go rafting on the river with an instructor.

The next stop is paragliding with an instructor in Guduari and colorful photo made over the Arch (Panorama) created by brilliant Georgian architect Tsereteli.

The famous Arch of Friendship is located on the cliff of the Aragvi River canyon in one of the most beautiful natural reserve of our planet. 

The Arch reveals a splendid view to the KoishaurValley, the Gudauri ski resort from a peak and mountains over 3,700 meters high.

One of the most famous high mountain passes in the Caucasus is Jvari that is situated at an altitude of 2,400 meters over the sea level.

Waterfalls, springs, the river Terek and the sacred valley Sno – here we have arrived in Stepantsminda- a village located in northern Georgia in the southern part of the Darial Gorge at the foot of the majestic mountain Kazbek (which height is 5033 meters). High mountain village Kazbegi is 165 km from Tbilisi and 11 km from the Russian border, 3 hours drive on the famous Georgian Military Highway connecting Georgia and Russia. 

Georgia is an incredibly beautiful country. It is beautiful at any time of the year. You can go paragliding in Georgia all year round, both in winter and summer.

Impressions after paragliding in summer

Flying in the mountains is an unforgettable experience. In summer, there is high turbulence, due to the mixing of warm and cold air currents. Thanks to the turbulence, you can fly for 15 minutes to an hour or more in summer. Aerial aerobatics performance will provide even more thrills during your flight. In 15-50 minutes you will see the Cross Pass, the Gudauri resort and the Aragvi River Canyon with its unique lakes and numerous waterfalls. Unforgettable landscapes of Bidara, Kudebi, Chrdili, Sadzeli and Dede Enamountains will remain in your heart forever. This is thebeauty we have in the mountains.

Impressions about paragliding in winter

Winter flights is different from summer flights. Paragliding in winter is gentle and smooth. In winter there is less turbulence and the chance of getting airsick tends to zero! It is a great option for those who have problems with vestibular apparatus. Maximum flight time in winter is up to 30 minutes as there is no upward air currents.

The beauty of winter flights cannot be expressed in words! From Mount Kudebi peak, 3006 meters high, we will fly over the Caucasus Mountains passing the majestic Chrdili, Bidar, Grandpa Ena, Sharhot and Mepiskalo mountains. Admiring their snow-covered peaks, you will keep these beautiful moments in your memory for the rest of your life. And maybe you’ll want to reach the sky all over again! 

Maximum enjoyment to paraglide with the SkyAtlantidateam

The feeling of floating like a bird gives you freedom, a feeling of levity and gravity free, and all your worries are left behind. There is only you, the sky and the incredible beauty of Georgia! Children and adults from different countries fly with us: guests from New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Europe and the United Arab Emirates share their impressions of the flight:

● Russian girl’s impression about the flight: “Many thanks to all the organisers. A special thanks to Anatoly for his calmness that helped me during the flight! It was awesome!!!” 
● Many of our guests are happy to share their impressions about paragliding in their video and you can watch it here.

You can’ t help admiring the unique scenery of Georgia. Don’t forget to interact with pilots, our instructors are glad to answer any questions you may have, tell interesting stories, professional legends.

● An amazing girl from Germany came to us for flights with an experienced instructor. It’s hard to express her admiration in words, it’s better to watch the video here.
● We had this feedback in May 2021: “awesome feelings!!! thank you very much Anatoliy and his Natalochka! I felt butterflies flying in my head for the next three days”. The girl shared her impressions about the flight over the endless beautiful Aragavi river canyon with the experienced instructor.
● We received such a feedback for a sightseeing flight over the Hado Gorge with its waterfalls and the Hanis Tshali River: “I want to thank the guys so much for their concern, organization, communication and guidance! For the super flight!!! We loved it! I would definitely recommend this company)) everything is honest, transparent and professional!”.

Feedback like this inspires Us, it means we are moving in a right direction!!!

How to book

It is easy to book a paragliding flight on our website! Just 5 simple steps and your dream will come true:

● Specify your full name;
● Choose a route and preferred date of flight;
● Telephone number and preferred communication method (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), e-mail.
● Our manager will contact you and answer all your questions as well as explain the most convenient way for you to pay in advance.
● After the prepayment you will receive flight booking confirmation by e-mail. We accept non-cash payments via Sberbank (for guests from Russia), Privatbank (for Ukrainian citizens) or Wise payment system for guests from all over the world.

We will refund your deposit in full if the flight fails due to weather conditions.

Whether you’re flying in summer or winter, sightseeing or extreme adventure, the SkyAtlantida team guarantees you the real magic that only you can bring to yourself or your loved ones.