Where to paraglide in Georgia

6 places for paragliding in Georgia

Endlessly hospitable, sunny Georgia is always available for visitors from all over the world. It is an incredibly picturesque country, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, as well as parks and nature reserves, castles and ancient fortresses. Georgia is beautiful in any season! It is seldom cold here, even the winters are quite mild and comfortable, when there is snow in the mountains in the south, tangerines and persimmons grow. As the local people say: “Georgia is a magical place God gave to us”.

But no tour or sightseeing platform will give you more of Georgia’s beauty than a bird’s-eye view.

Tandem paragliding with an instructor has recently become very popular. Every second tourist takes a flight while travelling in Georgia. This is not surprising, because it does not require any special training to get this experience, it is safe and gives incredible emotions!

This extreme activity is called paragliding. The way the flights are performed is the parachute wing is filled with a rising stream of air, takes off, and then you “glide” across the sky and all the process is controlled by a qualified pilot-instructor.

Paragliding flights are performed both on the plain and in the mountains. This requires warm updrafts, good aerodynamic qualities of the terrain and an experienced instructor pilot with knowledge of aerology and local meteorological conditions. These three components implement flying like a bird into reality for anyone who wants to try this filling.

Where can you take a paragliding flight in Georgia? Especially for you, we have collected and described in this article all the flying places of the Caucasus, such as Kazbegi, Mestia, Svaneti, Tbilisi and Batumi.

1. Paragliding in Kazbegi

Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) is an ancient village located in the north of Georgia in the southern part of the Daryal Gorge at the foot of the majestic Kazbek Mountain (which height is 5,033 meters). The village is located 165 km from Tbilisi and 11 km from the Russian border, a 3-hour drive along the famous Georgian Military Highway connecting Georgia and Russia, which is extremely picturesque. You can see the ancient fortress of Ananuri, which was built in the 15th century at the confluence of the two Aragvi and Vedzakhtevi, along this road. There is also the incredibly beautiful Jinval Reservoir, at the bottom of which lies the submerged historic town of Jinvali. And finally, Gudauri ski resort.

Unfortunately, paragliding flight in Stepansminda is only available in August and September, due to the unique local landscape.

2. Paragliding in Gudauri

Gudauri ski resort belongs to Kazbegi region, but it’s tottaly different. It is located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range, near the famous Cross Pass at over 2,100 meters above sea level. It is a center of modern tourism. Visitors from all over the world come here to ski, snowboard, admire the snow-covered mountains combined with sunshine and piercing blue skies, and, of course, to paraglide. Koyshauri Valley and Gudauri ski resort have a unique microclimate that allows to paraglide more than 320 days a year. The weather in the area is stable and gives us the opportunity to fly every day, do it gracefully, high and for long distances.

The winter flights are very impressive. There is one of the highest paragliding launch pas in the world, at 3006 meters here in Gudauri. Gentle, comfortable paragliding, and the total absence of turbulence, will allow everyone to step into another world.
How does it all happen? A ski-lift takes us to the top of Mount Kudebi. A short instruction from the pilot, preparation of the equipment, a few steps and there you are, flying like a bird! There is breathtaking beauty all around as we fly over the mountains: Chardili, Sadzeli, Bidara, Deda Ena, Charhota and Mepiskalo.

In summer Gudauri is endless green sunny meadows, silence and an absolute idyll surrounded by magnificent mountains. It is the most popular place in Georgia for everyone who loves freshness and coolness instead of the heat. It is almost always sunny, but there is a mountain breeze, perfect weather conditions for paragliding. Mixing currents of warm and cold air makes it possible to fly for 15 minutes to an hour, or even longer. The pilot can perform aerobatics during the flight, which can be booked extra, which will cheer you up and provide a kaleidoscope of thrills.

It is easy as that! A short instruction before the flight, a few steps and there you are flying over the Cross Pass, the Gudauri resort and the Aragvi River Canyon – one of the most beautiful nature reserves on our planet, with its unique lakes and numerous waterfalls. Unforgettable landscapes of Bidara, Kudebi, Chrdili, Sadzeli and Deda Ena mountains will forever remain in your heart. The picturesque views of the Friendship Arch, designed by famous Georgian architect Tsereteli. The breathtaking beauty of the Koyshauri Valley, surrounded by mountains over 3,600 meters high.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to an unforgettable experience by flying in tandem with a professional instructor from SkyAtlantida. Here you will receive the best service that will truly embellish your trip.

You will remember paragliding for the rest of your life! It’s a completely new experience, adrenaline and excitement, meditation and peace at the same time!

3. Paragliding in Batumi

Flying in Batumi is completely different. Firstly, you fly along the coastline, over the sea and the local villages. Secondly, it is soft flying through sea breeze streams, which is quite a different experience from flying in the mountains. The altitude is 300 meters above sea level and the breeze is perfect for day-long flights. When the weather is bad for flying in Batumi, we go to the suburbs and paraglide or paratrike. Unfortunately, Batumi is famous for frequent rain, so you should check the weather forecast in advance.

4. Paragliding in Kakheti

In ancient times Kakheti was a separate Georgian kingdom, now it is a part of Georgia. This place includes famous vineyards, picturesque Tushin mountains, mysterious old towns and ancient monasteries. Extremely beautiful places for paragliding, there is almost no strong wind here, the weather is stable and the high mountains and the valley with safe landing places are like created for paragliding. Here in Georgia there are mainly solo pilots, as well as paragliding competitions are conducted, while tandem flights with instructors are quite rare and are available upon request, mainly with motorized paragliders and paratrikes.
If you want to fly with motorized paraglider or paratrike in Kakheti, you should contact with the company and to book the date and the pilot in advance.

5. Paragliding in Svaneti

Svaneti is an area in north-western Georgia, almost virginal. There are wonderful snow-white mountain slopes, lush green forests and calming noise of rivers. Magical landscapes of this place will make you forget all your worries and sorrows. The clouds are sometimes so low that you can just reach out and touch them! However, the weather changes every 10 minutes: the sun shines brightly, then there are thunderstorms, and the wind blows gustily. All this makes it quite difficult to fly here. Therefore, only experienced pilots with a high experience can take a risk flying here. Tandem flights in Svaneti are very rare and are available upon request.

6. Paragliding in Tbilisi

The last city on the list, but not the most important, is Tbilisi. Yes, it is in the capital that you can also take a paragliding flight. The weather here is not as ideal as in Gudauri, but it still allows flights from late May to late September.
The launch pad is located outside the city in the area of the so-called “Tbilisi Lake”. It is not possible to fly there in all wind directions, and even after the rain, it is difficult to get there because of the dirt road. The wind in Tbilisi is sometimes too strong for flying. But the main disadvantage of this sailing direction is the view from above – it is unlikely to be compared with the Gudauri Mountains, Mestia, or at least with the Kakheti Valley. The view of the city is not particularly impressive, but if there is no way to make a trip to Gudauri, and flying is very much a hunt, then you can also here, the main thing is to guess with the weather.

What does the price of a paragliding flight include?

Our instructors are not only professional pilots and participants in prestigious international competitions such as Pre-Cup and World Cup events, but they are also guides and good people to talk to! They will tell you about the places you are flying over, calm down those who are afraid, and show you a few acrobatic tricks for extreme lovers!

Each flight with the team SkyAtlantida includes:
transfer from the hotel to the launching pad in Gudauri;
necessary equipment and warm clothing;
video shooting;
flight insurance;
fantastic mood, unforgettable experience and friendly company!

How to book a paragliding flight

It is easy to book a paragliding flight:
Specify your full name;
Choose a route and preferred date of flight;
Telephone number and preferred communication method (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), e-mail.
Our manager will contact you and answer all your questions, as well as explain the most convenient way for you to pay in advance.
After the prepayment, you will receive flight booking confirmation by e-mail. We accept non-cash payments via Sberbank (for guests from Russia), Privatbank, Monobank (for Ukrainian citizens) or Wise payment system for guests from all over the world.
Arrange the date according to forecast weather.
We will refund your deposit in full if the flight fails due to weather conditions.

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